Scientific Computing Center

  • Published: 2014-09-05
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Director:Huai Zhang


High-performance numerical simulation and visualization platform, with the modern ultra-large-scale parallel computing method, is able to complete massive parallel computing, massive data processing, data mining and data assimilation, and to complete visualizing processing of 3D/4D extremely massive data to display the results from simulation and field/laboratory experiments. In order to meet the needs of computing capability in numerical simulation and visualization, a comprehensive construction is done in both software and hardware: a parallel computer with 133 nodes having integrated computing capacity near 4.3 Tlops/s, is initially qualified for a small computing simulation center in hardware; a high-resolution display wall system consisting of 20 high-resolution monitors, equipped with advanced parallel visualization management and realization software systems, is in a leading position in China. In software implementation, the high-performance computing supporting software currently using is also accomplished by researchers in our own laboratory, including all kinds of scripts to operate and maintain the nodes of the parallel computer. Our high-performance parallel computing environment uses MPI platform, and all computing node are servers with Intel architecture, mainly using RedHat operating system.